Monday, July 24, 2006

Bath time for Num-num

I'm fascinated by the variety of appliances and devices proffered to give your infant a bath - At first, it was a fairly simple proposition, a fold-up tub-like device that fit very nicely in the kitchen sink. Dear Alex took to water like a natural, and bath-time was fun-time. She loves splashing around, takes great joy in the play of sound and activity of water and has always enjoyed being wet and naked. The devices have gotten a lot more complicated, and by turns, bizarre. This concerns me somewhat, but I generally go along to get along. We started with the foldy-uppy kitchen-sink bathtub, which Large Baby (AKA Dear Alex) quickly outgrew, then transitioned to scary-inflatable-bathtub (attached to it is 'squeaky duck' mentioned in another post) which lives in our shower to this day. At the Undisclosed Location we have the giant-inflatable-duck bathtub which scared Dear Alex to tears when she first saw it, but now she's fine. It's a little weird, though - we bathe our child in a giant inflatable duck, which quacks "whak, whak, whak whaaaak" when you squeeze it's inflatable orange bill. It definitely gets her attention. My favorite tub, though is a simple blue plastic tub that I got at Ikea for about 6 dollars - non skid on the bottom, rounded and not terrbily ugly. It works. Okay, so there's no duck print, no little fishies, and no real attempt a decoration. That works for me. The only thing missing was a drain, but that was easily fixed with an electric drill. Simple and effective.
Would that there were more baby-related objects so easy.

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