Wednesday, August 02, 2006


So many new words these days - from the very first -"light" - to the latest: Qua,qua,qua!
(what's a duck say?) Dear Alex is on a learning rampage, and it's astonishing the things she picks up - Her favorite stuffed animal (at the moment) 'pink puppy' - so named because it's, well, pink, and kind of puppy-like, got called for a few days ago, just like this - "pink puppy pinkpuppy puppy pink puppy" (three reliable adult witnesses heard it,too) She knows. Outside the window "say hello to the city" there are buses "bus,buuuus" and cabs: "gehca, cas". She's putting it together right before my eyes. Wild. The one that has my attention right now is her latest, most mysterious vocalizing - things familiar and new get a gesture - hand upraised or pointing and "biiiisht! biissssht! bissht!" What means biiiisht? Is it a question, a command? A word that says "What's this?" That's sort of the conclusion that Beautiful Wife and I have come to - "biiiisht!,bissht,bissht!" is a question, and we get to make up the answers -

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Rachel said...

Maybe she's trying to say "bullshit," in which case she takes after her Aunt Pookie.