Monday, September 04, 2006

Back, more or less.

Haven't been writing nearly enough of late, as I've begun working again (which is great news ), and It's really thrown the daily lazy summer routine out of whack. We've also been ramping up for the Big First Birthday Celebration, which has now come and passed without any major bumps - Now Alex is one, and it's been quite a year of development and change for dear baby, beautiful wife, and myself. Naturally, the one-year milestone calls for a retrospective, and a replay of how we got here from there, but that'll take some time, and a lot of thought -
A year ago beautiful wife and I had no idea of just how completely our lives would change. Everything we read, heard, and the ridiculous pre-birthing hospital classes that we dutifully took did absolutely nothing to prepare us for the awesome force that is New Baby. The amount of time and energy it takes right now, to be with her in the now, watching and helping Dear Alex learn about the world is exhausting - not in a negative sense, but it does seem all-consuming at times. She's a very busy little girl, babbling, touching, exploring. But, lots of pix to come, for sure.

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