Monday, January 22, 2007

Day Four: Musical delight

Something new tonight when I got home from work - Dear Alex put on a delightful musical performance for me. I'm not sure what prompted it, but it was well presented. She waited until she was sure she had my attention, went to her little electronic piano and started banging away with purpose - she'd whack away at the keys, then hit one of the pre-recorded demo tunes, turn around and start doing the alex dance, including the little 4-step spin-around, repeated twice. Then back to the piano for some more banging, then another dance, then more music, then a little dance, then some banging on her drum and the coffee table. This wasn't the usual Alex short-attention-span-theatre thing, it went on for a while. Howlingly funny, and heartbreakingly cute. I wonder how long it took her to plan it. It really wasn't random.

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Rachel said...

You should record it, Pook!