Saturday, January 20, 2007

Day two: She's winning

Up like clockwork, and hungry. Good morning Dear Alex.
We had a fairly typical Alex day:
Diaper, cup
mad scramble for breakfast - Eggo, Yo baby, Banana.
Pat the cat, drawing, boots!
Word of the day: Uh-oh!
Crankiness, then nap
11:30 to 1:30 (daddy cleaned up from the morning activities)
Lunch: Sweet potato, occoli, ch'ken, banana, cookie
A little indoor play, then more boots!

Finally made it outside - I think it was the coldest day so far, far too cold to be out walking around at random with Dear Alex in a stroller. Ended up at Sony Plaza, then across the street to IBM plaza - wonderful enclosed spaces, perfect places for energetic little girls. Today Alex preferred IBM - she had a real fascination with two sculptures outside the Dahesh Museum - polychrome painted oversize apples. Despite the crazy paint, she recognized the shapes, running back and forth between the two of them shouting "app!le, app!le"
All in all, she had a good time - and the running back and forth tired her out sufficiently enough to make bedtime go easy.

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