Monday, February 12, 2007

Weekend in the city

It wasn't the best of weekends, but that's what happens when you get lazy. It's always about how much energy it's going to take to get it together to get out of the city vs. how much there is to do at home. Sometimes inertia and the prospect of accomplishing something on the ever-growing list of things to do at home wins out - though it never turns out as you plan it. Dear Alex had her first-ever ride on the subway - the 6 train, no less, so she got introduced to the 'cattle car' right away. Something was up, some kind of delays going on, and we let a few trains go by until we found one that might fit BW, daddy, and a stroller. I could go on at length about Dear Alex's delight with her first experience with the MTA, but suffice it to say, there wasn't much screaming and she made a lot of friends coming and going. Beautiful Wife went to return / exchange something at Children's Place, or Baby Place or whatever, and daddy took Dear Alex to play in the park at Union Square - We had a delightful time in the playgrounds on both sides of the park, and I was particularly enchanted (as was Dear Alex) by the (I'm not kidding) Irish nanny singing to the two boys in her charge as they swung on the swings...

The whole point of the trip was to go to the hateful 'Babies-R-Us' at union square, to buy the Thing of all Things - a toilet training seat - "pottty, potty" as Dear Alex already knows it, though she won't sit on it yet - just regards it at a distance and declares happpily "potty" - I'm sure she knows what it's about, but isn't quite ready to play the game. Holding the bag, carrying it home, felt like one of those heavy milestones that mark a passage - whether it happens sooner or later, I'm going to pay closer attention at diaper time. I can almost see the end of buying the 200 count boxes of size 4 diapers (yeah, Costco run on Sunday). What that means is beyond contemplation right now - part of me is definitely going to miss that first diaper in the morning - full of hope and mystery - what did you do last night beautiful girl? Ah, made a big stinky. good for you. I love you.

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