Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Travels with Dear Alex (part one)

Lil'screamie and family went on an all-too-brief vacation, a few days with Grammy and George in Florida. It was a more than delightful trip, and daddy got an awful lot out of spending 5 uninterrupted days with our ever-changing bundle of delight. First up was getting there - a bit of a departure from our usual care in scheduling travel times to coincide with naps or sleep, we decided to take a 6am flight - I don't think we'll be doing that again anytime soon. Actually, it wasn't so bad - Dear Alex handled the 4am waking in stride, the trip to the airport and through security very well - it was a lot harder on me, and Dear Alex never did go back to sleep. There is something about that early morning rising and the half-concsious bustle of getting to the plane that always puts me in a very different place - by the time I really woke up we were at 35,000 feet in the pre-dawn darkness - BW, myself, with Dear Alex between us, sitting comfortably as though this was something we did every day. For some reason, I couldn't really read, and spent a lot of time looking out the window as dawn spread, thinking about all of the times I've been on an airplane, traveling on business or to visit my parents when they were still alive, and that feeling of time-travel as the plane takes you out of the world you live in every day to some new place with different light and different air. Dear Alex got to climb on daddy and look out the window to see the pristine moon, and was moved to comment - "ish-a-moon, moon". We followed some other airplane for most of the trip south, and I was rewarded by an ever-changing dawn-lit view of a perfectly formed contrail of the plane ahead of us streaming past our wings. I wonder if the guys on the flight deck were having a little fun trying to stay in that little line of cloud.

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Rachel said...

See, this is one of the photos where she kinda looks like BW.