Monday, August 20, 2007

Pictures of Alex

It's been a while since I've had the will or inclination to write about Dear Alex - It's summertime and the living's been busy - not so easy, and there's been so much to do both in work and in life that it's been very hard to find that small quiet place that it takes to wax philosophical about being a daddy and the awesome responsibility of marshalling the force that Dear Alex has become - so instead, I take pictures.

In the way back time before there was Dear Alex (and even before Beautiful Wife) I took a lot of pictures, pictures by the thousands from the early days of digital photography - I have a box somewhere of hundreds of floppy disks from my first (and second) Sony Mavicas and more from smaller, sleeker, faster cameras that came next - I pride myself on being able to not only identify the place and time and even my state of mind when I took the picture - I'm mostly a visual person, and it does work - mostly. BW used to give me a hard time about the pictures, my "art director shots" as she rightfully called them - and I certainly did take a lot of random pictures, mostly of things that caught my eye, or in some way reminded me that I should always remember to look - because in life it's rare that we ever pass the same way twice.
Dear Alex has given me the perfect excuse ( and BW no longer coments on the ever-present camera) to take pictures madly, exuberantly, and without a care as to what it looks like. Secretly though, I take pictures in the hope that I'll remember the little things and important things in equal measure as Dear Alex becomes less cute and novel and becomes more and more a child, and that magic and wonder is lost to the day-to-day realities of pre-school and education and potty training and...

So, at least once a week - even whan I haven't had a word to say, I've been adding pictures regularly to the flickr photoset (hoping, of course, that each one will be worth a thousand words), and I'm hoping that really does capture what's new and important to daddy and Dear Alex - the analysis and philosophy will have to come later, as there's way too much to do before the summer's over to think about it too hard.

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rechal said...

"less cute"? Bite your tongue. She will become even more cute, and WAY more interesting, as time goes on. Bet on it, you naughty pookie.

But I do enjoy the pictures, during the times that your writing is silent. She is just precious, and fills me with warm thoughts for you, BW, and DA.