Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Day five - slow news day

Dear Alex had another good day today, but for a two-year-old, there's really not much to it. She spent the morning happily recreating the New York Holiday traffic jam outside the window (pictures 1, 2 ), with her fleet of taxis and Thomas, then went to play gym and a play date that daddy skipped. "Have a good time, I'll see you later" - To Which Dear Alex replied "Daddy stay here!" - Indeed I do, and I will. The challenge isn't in the day-to-day stuff, especially with Nanny J around to absorb some of the the time-suck of reading, and reading and reading the same books over and over again (while Dear Alex reads her own book or two) and taking her outside and walking and walking - all things that I've done too, and dearly enjoy. It's that moment of silence and responsibility that happens the moment we see Nanny J downstairs and into the cold night. This evening, she decided to be fire-girl (picture 3) for a while, so what the heck. I'm glad she's still into that costume. It's kind of fun. Note the pink rain boots - she put them on herself. There was some talk of a visit from, and dinner with Grammy n' George, but it ended up being George who showed up for a while to be entertained by Dear Alex, We spent a fair amount of time sitting on the couch, and sitting in her room, just watching Dear Alex play. Her imagination, and her narratives about what she's doing are fascinating to watch. (Note to self: I think Tom is still in the microwave in the play kitchen - "don't get sick Thomas!") The kid's a wonder. We closed on a high note with Dear Alex doing an astonishing interpretive dance to "These are a few of my favorite things" ( I'm feeling we may have a little too much Julie Andrews going on...) , although she knows the words, she didn't sing for George. All in all, though, a good time was had by all - but we're going to have to do some work to put bedtime back where it belongs...

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