Saturday, December 08, 2007

Day one

Dancing with the fire chief

Knuffle Bunny!

Brushing, brushing, brushing...

This begins another minor Lil'screamie blog-a-thon for Beautiful wife, who's lucky enough to be spending a week away in beautiful Vancouver, BC - our favorite city, and a place that holds a lot of power and fond memories for the both of us. I am, of course, jealous, and remember the wonderful arrival in the morning, and seeing the lights on Capilano as we drove in from the airport, disconnected in time and place from our world to find Douglas Coupland's "City of Glass". Altogether too beautiful to deny, too powerful in it's precious setting to not fall in love with, and not fall in love in - We really do have roots there.
Tonight was a sad one, with the realization on Dear Alex's part that mommie was really "gone away" - we spent an hour with the camera looking at pictures of Dear Alex and mommie, made a chart with stamps on it for how many days BW would be away, brushed our teeth, and went to bed late after a lot of hugs and reassurance that BW would indeed return, when we got to the last house on the chart. I miss you desperately already, BW - please find that energy that we found and bring some of it back. With love, anything is possible.

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