Saturday, December 15, 2007

Day seven - daddy's wild ride

So, a long day in the city, with Dear Alex's 'playgroup' morning and the apprehension and anxiety about getting her into a good pre-school, as though she wasn't already smart enough to kick a kindergarteners' butt. Dear Alex wailed as we entered the clessroom - my bad I suppose, as I had told her it would be like her other classes, and I guess the more institutional setting bothered her a bit - "go home, daddy, go home - gohomegohomehoooomeahhh". After about two minutes, Dear Alex found a firetruck to play with and invented an elaborate story to go with where she was driving it around the classroom - at one point one of the teachers asked me who was the creative one in the household, based on Dear Alexs' incredible imaginary friend 'tik-tik', the destination as given by the dear girl for the firetruck - "We're going to tik-tiks house!"
The teacher was duly impressed, and I, of course, answered that both Mommy and daddy were 'creative', and that Dear Alex has a rich and varied storytelling life. It's all true, and fascinating to listen to. I've decided that the whole school thing, while important, is not a make or break proposition for the girl. For crying out loud, she's only two - and a bright and quick two as well, as I watched her with a few other kids her age - Dear Alex has a certain reserve, a consideration of situations that other toddlers seem to lack - not in the negative, of course, but Dear Alex looks first, then jumps - always mindful (except at home, of course) of what's going on around her. She's a keen observer, and to me that's a good thing. She's going to do well in the world.

Now, about daddy's wild ride - We ended up going to the country for the first time in a long time, mostly because the dear girl asked "go to the country?" Something I think she's been missing for a while, as have I - so why not? - I can be just as cold and lonely in the country as in the city, and with all of the basics are covered, tonight was as good a night as any for a drive with Dear Alex, who fell asleep before we made it to the GWB, not waking until I turned the car off in the snowy silence in Pennsylvania - The girl is a delight and warm and safe, and we'll have a good time playing in the snow tomorrow.

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