Thursday, February 21, 2008

Keep your pants on daddy

Dear Alex and her bunnies - that's mommy bunny and daddy bunny kissing.
I'm quite sure there's some compensating going on for Beautiful Wife's absence,

but she's having fun, and has been carrying them everywhere lately.

There's another post in this somewhere.

Dinnertime cute attack with Nanny J. Dear Alex is cracking herself up.

Gratuitous bathtime picture, but also, an interesting repeat of the obsessive
ordering and re-ordering of the cups. This went on for a while.

Three nights ago it was the cat in the night-time, two nights ago it was an astonishingly full diaper that woke Dear Alex at two in the morning, this morning she woke up uncharacteristically early for her usual sleepy self at 7:30.
What these three wakings have in common was that each time I went to get her, Dear Alex dropped the immediate complaint and the first thing she had to say was "do you have your pants on daddy? In two of the three cases, I didn't - but it doesn't really matter to her whether you're wearing pants or not. ( I should point out that for better or worse, in no case was I naked...) - It's just some weird fascination with ones state of dress or undress. It started a while ago, but seemed like one of those odd little things that Dear Alex gets obsessed with every once in a while, but this one stuck. It's been going on long enough to become kind of a family joke - It's a salutation and a goodbye that almost always gets a laugh. It's extended to Dear Alex greeting me with an excited "You have pants on!" or a question "Do you have your pants on?" (yes) "You have a shirt on and shoes and socks!" of course, this applies to Beautiful Wife as well. I'm waiting for the day when Dear Alex busts out in public with "Keep your pants on mommy!"

The kid is funny, as though to compensate for the absence of Beautiful Wife, she's been having serious cute attacks for daddy about three times a day - I mean lots of affection, elaborate hugs, punctuated by giggles and conversation about the weirdest things. She excitedly told me a story for about half an hour today, and while she's usually pretty articulate, I have absolutely no idea what she was talking about. It was fun to listen to, though I really couldn't do much but smile and nod. Sure, there's almost always the chance that she'll slip into a whining, cranky two-year-old at any moment, for now she's an angel.

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