Monday, March 10, 2008

Elmo deathwatch day 30

Ever since we had the wonderful occasion to see Sesame Street live, which is an experience worthy of at least several blog entries that I couldn't possibly find words for... we've been living with the shadowy company of a helium-filled mylar Elmo presence that's hovered over our everyday activities: Grinning relentlessly down over the dining table, hovering mercilessly over the bed in mommy and daddy's room for a few days, drifting from room to room, hanging out in Dear Alex's room leering down with those loveable pop-eyes. He's been dragged around by his string, toyed with by the cats, and squeezed repeatedly by the kid and survived it all. Elmo's been around. Elmo's seen it all. He's definitely hung in there, through subway and cab rides and tantrums, but Elmo is finally showing signs of a little wear and tiredness beyond his years, and has begun to sag a little bit, his features distorted by a very slow leak and the wear and tear of being a simple mylar balloon subjected to the hands of Dear Alex. He hasn't been his formerly jaunty self for days, and tonight he was finally banished from her bedroom by Dear Alex, probably because he's no longer charming, but kind of scary looking. It's a wonder that he's lasted so long. I'm wondering how I'm going to explain his absence after I deliver the coup de grace and stuff him into a d'agostino's bag for immediate disposal.

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