Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What happened

Dear Alex still absolutely loves her swing - we did this off and on for four hours, and she never tired of the up and down, and she's even sort of figured out how to make her swing go by herself, but likes it better when daddy pushes.

But the best part was the delight she took in watching Beautiful Wife in the swing nearby -
"mommy swing daddy push!" Happiness all around.

Beautiful Wife came home from California, bearing gifts for Dear Alex and the reunion was happy and without recrimination. Dear Alex knows that mommy's here and daddy's here and all is right with her world. We had a weekend of reunion and business in the city, and a long week of work, and then a wonderful weekend away, with BW doing a magnificent job of making up for lost time in re-acquainting herself with Dear Alex and her big girl ways. It's been a wonderful and busy time, and hard to even think about staying up to write it down.

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