Friday, July 11, 2008

Tiny Pirate

The Tiny Pirate with a peanut butter and jelly eye patch. Arrgh!

It makes me smile just typing it. Tiny Pirate. Tiny Pirate. It's one of those funny little things that Dear Alex says every once in a while, just to make herself laugh, or to make me laugh. It's a pretty random thing, and I never know what will make her do it, but every once in a while Dear Alex just blurts out "Arrgh, Tiny Pirate!" I know where the "Arrgh" came from, (and who doesn't like to talk like a pirate now and then?) but I really don't know where she got "tiny pirate" but it's funny. Usually, it involves her covering one eye with something - could be anything, a piece of tissue, her hand, or even half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It's the eye patch. "Arrgh, Tiny Pirate!" I've tried to add a little more to her repertoire, but "scurvy landlubbers" and "ahoy matey" just didn't stick. The best she can do is "Arrgh, Tiny Pirate! Ahoy maybe!" I wonder what she'd make of "yo ho ho and a bottle of rum." She's a funny little girl, and I love her improvisation and the randomness of her little pirate moments. Arrgh!

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