Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy birthday Dear Alex

5 years ago you came screaming into the world, a month early and beautiful. It's hard to imagine how different our lives are now, how much bigger we are as people and better as human beings because of your patient instruction in the ways and wonder of watching someone become. It's been an astonishing six months since your sister Princess Maya was born, and you've grown so fast to be the best big sister. You're not the only any more, but you will always be the first. You teach BW and I how to be better parents every day, and someday your sister will thank you for breaking us in and tiring us out. You rock!


Lynne said...

I hope Miss Alex had a wonderful Birthday! She looks like such a beautiful dancer!

Anne said...

I was wondering how those I knew in NY were doing, searched the web,
Your family is everything I every hoped you should have.