Monday, July 17, 2006

About dear Alex

First taste of freedom,
first time cut loose on the grass-absolute joy!

At this writing, Alex is coming up on 11 eventful (to me at least) months of age. She's loud, she's little, and she's in charge. Don't let the name of this site fool you, though - Lil'screamie is a nickname (one of many) that comes from the dim, remote past of a few months ago, back when she really did have a lot to yell about (I'm wet!, I have a poopie diaper!, I'm tired!, I'm hungry!, Notice me!) Now the screaming is reserved for special occasions like bedtime, naptime, over-tired time, I've just-bumped-my-head-on-the-coffee-table-again-time, and when she's hungry or bored.

But wait, she's also beautiful, well adjusted, and about the sweetest little baby you'd ever want to meet, which to me is saying a lot. As a rule, I don't generally like babies, but for this one, I've made an exception. It may be, however, that something changes you when you have one of your own - I find myself actually looking at other babies without fear or revulsion, and even with interest, if only to figure out how dear Alex is doing in the scheme of baby-hood. Not in a competitive way, of course, but as a way of charting her progress in the ever-more-challenging (and delightful) transition from "stays where you put her" baby-ness to "crawls immediately to the most dangerous thing in the room" toddler-hood.

I'm late to the game in starting this, so I'll be backfilling some of what I consider to be some of the more interesting developments in her short time in the world, along with a fair amount of discursive rambling on about some of those obvious questions and insights that come with being a new father.

The inspiration for this came from the remarkable,, and delightful, articulate, intelligent and inspiring.

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