Tuesday, July 25, 2006


One of her first few words: Duck! Duck! Duck! I keep wondering about the prevalence of ducks in all things baby - this is just a simple question - What's the deal with ducks? They're everywhere. For example, there's bath tub duck (the surreal inflatable duck shaped bathtub) sticky ducks (duck-shaped suction cups that hold the bath toys) floaty duck (your basic rubber ducky, which we have multiples of, both with holes in the bottom and without) squeaky-duck (which squeaks when you squeeze it) Pictures of ducks, duck tissues, and my favorite:
Hey Alex, There's a duck on your ass.

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Rachel said...

When she was born, I bought the Rachelette (my goddaughter) a stuffed duck at TJ Maxx. Thus began a lifelong obsession with all things duck. Mommy was "Mommy Duck", she was "Baby Duck", and I was "Auntie Duck". The duck's name is Dee Dee Duck.

She loves this duck so much that she refuses to eat poultry of any kind.

She is now eleven, and still takes the damn duck everyplace her parents will let her. The duck is almost unrecognizable as such, and is a bilious shade of grayish yellow.