Monday, July 24, 2006

Worst dad ever.

Well, not really, but sometimes it feels that way. I just got finished making my beautiful daughter cry at the top of her lungs for 15 minutes, by tormenting her with a very scary face-mask. It didn't help to pretend we were playing hide-and-seek ("Where's Alex?") It just made her scream louder. - Over a long weekend at The Undisclosed Location Dear Alex seemed to lose her usual spunky vigor, and slowed down to a (normal) crawl. She got a little warm, and her nose began to run constantly - sheets of snot, actually. Not for the squeamish. Went to the wonderful pediatrician today, and it was confirmed. Dear Alex has a virus - so to help her breathe, we need to give her a nebulizer treatment - okay, I get it, understand, but oh boy does she hate it - Right now, I just gave her the 7 o'clock dose, and it was as though I was flaying her alive while pouring salt water on her for good measure. Wow, amazing screaming - all at the hands of dad. I don't quite think she'll ever know it's for her own good - I'll never get thanked for this one. Dr. L., bless her, told me it was better if the lil' darlin' cried during the treatment - they inhale deeper, and longer than if they're calm. Super. I get to do this again at 11:00pm, 3:00am, 7:00am...

It feels worse than the time I got sunblock in her eyes by accident - you know, squirming, slippery baby, ham-fisted dad. I thought that was bad, but this (the nebulizer) is like willful torment.

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