Thursday, February 01, 2007


It's official: Dear Alex has finally gotten over her righteous anger at Beautiful Wife for leaving her alone with daddy for a week , and is saying Mommie again. She went to grammie's last night, and had a wonderful time, but towards the end of the visit she had a bit of a lil'screamie meltdown. Inconsolable crying, clutching at anything that she could get her little paws on and writhing as though she was on fire - holy cow you'd have thought I'd used the electric baby prod on her. As part of the magic, just to let me know how dissatisfied she was with daddy, she busted out a perfectly formed and articulated "mommy!-mommy!-mommy!" Good for her - good for BW, who I think has been feeling left out a bit. Now when the calls in the night come, who will Dear Alex ask for?

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