Thursday, February 01, 2007

Where does the time go?

Not a rhetorical question, I assure you - I was trying to figure out why every day seems like the same day. It turns out it pretty much is - and it sort of looks like the above chart.
The numeric values are in fractions of an hour, divided into types of activity. The darkest orange represents Dear Alex time, which actually works out to be less than it feels on some days. For what it's worth, this is my way of coming to embrace something that I've been wondering over for a long time: Why does it feel impossible to get anything significant done? Easy answer: No real time, save that large dark wedge at the top of the chart representing sleep, but you mess with that too much, and it ends up costing you in other areas. So the ultimate answer is to begin. To do the little things, to move things forward (or around) a little bit whenever you can. It's not so bad, and the kid's so much fun that it makes it easy to forget that you were going to...

FWIW: I really did work this out - Powerpoint is a wonderful app., in the right hands:
The pie chart represents 24 hours, the darkest gray represents sleepy-time, more or less.
the lighter grays on either side of that signify preparing for or recovering from sleep and / or time for personal hygiene, such as it is. The dark orange is lil'screamie time - either getting ready for, or doing things with - and in the morning (upper right on the pie) doing so while also scrambling to get ready for work. (i.e.: finding keys, cell phone, clean socks, and handing the dear girl off to nanny J. who arrives reliably at 8:30) The brighter orange wedges represent my commutes to and from work - an easy walk, and my most cherished times of day for thinking and / or getting supplies from the various grocery, deli and liquor stores along the way. Light gray is work time, with half-an-hour lunch, usually at desk. The early evening, after work is also Dear Alex time, divided almost precisely into hand-off from nanny J, reading, dancing, bathtime, and the growing-ever-longer bedtime ritual. Light grey (upper left of the pie) is TV time, or writing / reading time. And so it goes...

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