Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Alex at work

Work: It's what we do, and some days it's harder than others, and some days it's pure joy - a concept clicks and an idea sells and all is right with the world. Every day, though, it's harder to leave Dear Alex - even in the capable and loving hands of nanny J.
Recently, Beautiful Wife took Dear Alex to visit at the office - a nice day for BW and the kid, with pizza in the boardroom and lots of new things to see and do and people to interact with, and even a baby friend born of a co-worker of BW at around the same time - Dear Alex had a good day at the office, and came back with the words "office" and "steps". She loves the challenge of stairs - always has - and the office in question has a grand internal staircase spanning three floors - that she climbed repeatedly "up!" and "down" - surely exhausting for Dear Alex and BW, but somehow apropos to the endless ups and downs and the true nature of work, especially in advertising.
What this is all about really, is assuaging the guilt that goes with working for a living while wanting to celebrate every waking moment of your beautiful child - we go away for most of Dear Alex's day - to do what she can probably only imagine as endlessly climbing stairs.

Sooooo right.

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