Thursday, May 03, 2007


A moment of Dear Alex and Beautiful Wife together.
The little black ribbon just kills me.


Cindy said...

Adorable! Made me want to go out and buy a black ribbon.

Delurking to say "Hi". I'm just some random person on the internet but I love your blog and read it semi-regularly. It's beautiful how much you love your little girl. She is so very cute (but of course you know that)! You sound like a wonderful father.
I have a little Alexandra (we call her Sasha) and she is a little less than a year younger than your Alex. I like reading your blog as an "Oh, look what I've got to look forward to" sort of thing.

Take care :)

greg said...

Thanks so much for the comment - I would that there were more - lil'screamie is such a backwater of the internet that I always wondered if there was anyone out there that found it. It's more for me (and some extended family) than anyone else, I think, but it gives me a chance to think about something other than work and picking toys up off of the floor and what I'm going to make for dinner. I love the girls a lot, and I really do consider myself a very lucky man.
As for the ribbon, I'm not a big girlie-thing fan, and it was't my choice, but the first time I saw it (those pictures) it really did break my heart. There's cute, and then there's CUTE.
Have a great time with Sasha, just enjoy watching/helping her become.

Comment anytime.