Sunday, February 24, 2008

Another New York Day

Beautiful Wife did not enjoy her time in Mexico, and she brought back with her an illness, and a tiredness that is beyond any of my attempts to care for her, so, so far it's been a dismal reunion. I'm frustrated only in that I wish that there was more that I could do to help, but BW, to her credit, will have nothing of it. The only upside is that today, Sunday, I took Dear Alex for a very long walk in the cold to keep her from waking BW, which under normal circumstances, is pretty darn funny, involving a poke to the eye, with an ever-so-innocent "are you sleeping. mommy?"
The answer can only be "no, not when you're poking your finger in my eye. " It's funny, but it didn't feel right for today, so out we went. We just headed west, for no particular reason other than it wasn't a direction we often went, and were rewarded with a number of discoveries in our still relatively-new neighborhood (two years and counting)- we live not too far from Carnegie Hall, so that if the guitar thing (or the ballet or the singing) ever works out, it won't be a stretch to go see the debut... Dear Alex and daddy had fun, walking wih the stroller and commenting on the passing cityscape as the neighborhod subtly changed, and the dear girl had to constantly stop and ask "what's this?" as she discovered more and more things that were painted yellow (her favorite color, by the way) as we made our way west. We found a fabulous sculpture just down the alley from Nobu 57 - a place Beautiful Wife and I ate once, a long-ish time ago. A giant bronze frog, about the size of a Volkswagen, that truly amazed and delighted Dear Alex. Despite the cold, we spent nearly 30 minutes examining and touching and pounding on it. After that, there was nothing else to do but finish the walk in the cold and go to the "pizza store" so that Dear Alex and I could have an early dinner together. Sometimes, I really do love living in the city, though I miss being in the country a lot these days - I need to see a clean swath of unsullied snow once more this winter - As Dear Alex put it "Snow is dirty" what's left of the snow of last Friday is black and yellow and rapidly (and thankfully) vanishing.

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