Saturday, March 01, 2008

Into the night

We finally got it together in time and space to be in the same place at the same time to get out, out, out of the city this weekend - a return to what used to be a normal routine. A frenzy of packing and stocking up on food and stuffing things into bags remembering to take important things like socks and shoes (and Original Bunny) for Dear Alex, and all the dirty laundry for Beautiful Wife and myself , and remembering the little detail things that are easily forgotten if you haven't travelled in a while. We did okay and finally got into the car at around 8:20. Beautiful Wife and I had a brief moment to talk before she succumbed to the chronic tiredness she still carries with her from Mexico, and Dear Alex uncarachteristically fell asleep before we hit the GWB. As we crossed into New Jersey, there was an easy silence as both BW and Dear Alex were down for the count, leaving me in that position of grave responsibility for driving the two most important people in my world into the cold dark, and snowy night. I was glad for the snow, and it's endless streaming past the windshield, a reminder of other times and other trips like this, looking forward to that moment of silence and repose at the end of the journey. It ended up being a long drive, but we got to step out at the end of it into a driving snow, fine and sparkling like powdered sugar, fresh footsteps in new snow, and into the house to put Dear Alex to sleep in a place she loves. Dear Alex, for some reason didn't have the same romance with the end of the trip, and the trip to the crib. She screamed and screamed and screamed - a jarring note to end an otherwise idyllic journey. To her credit, Dear Alex fell asleep quickly - I think it was just the break in her routine - Beautiful Wife has taken to our bed, and all is quiet as I write and the snow keeps falling. Tomorrow will be a good day.

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