Sunday, February 17, 2008

Beautiful Wife

Is away again tomorrow. Tonight was tears and a sad goodnight to Dear Alex, who is aready favoring daddy by some instinct, or insight that only she knows. I feel sad tonight, as BW is indeed going away again for a week to produce another spot in exotic Mexico. In other times, it might have been with me, but circumstances change, and with change we grow. The kid has been great, and I'm sure she'll do fine, it's been me that I worry about, and the dear responsibility of bringing Dear Alex through the absence of Mommy, mommy, mommmmmy! yet again, as BW goes and does her thing. This is to begin another minor blog revival, as I will try to write again every day about the progress of Dear Alex, and her astonishing way of cutting to the heart of the matter to ask "Are you happy daddy" when things get tough. "Why yes I am dear girl, but I miss mommy already..." Enough said. Bon Voyage BW, Stay safe.

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