Saturday, April 05, 2008

After the show

How do you top the greatest show on earth? You can't possibly, so Dear Alex and I went for a long walk instead, actually a couple of them. There were errands to run, and supplies to get, so we spent the rest of this oddly, finally spring-like New York city day outside - the girl was in the best of moods, and wanted nothing other than to hang out with me talk about the circus and wear her pink gloves. I'm not sure what this new fascination with the gloves is, but she really wouldn't think of going out without them - and telling everyone that she "HAS GLOVES ON"
(Her emphasis, not mine) We did some shopping and walking and telling strangers about her gloves. (I genuinely love the effect this little girl has on jaded New Yorkers - people just like me, who generally couldn't be bothered by anything, just light up at her little quirky self) We spent some time walking back and forth over a painted yellow square on the sidewalk ("IT'S YELLOW!") and then went home for a diaper change, and then right back out to go shopping again for food and a trip to the "raincoat store" (Dear Alex's new name for Conran's) where we spent a good hour sitting in chairs and handling expensive fragile things. It's wierd, but for all of her two-ish ness, (i.e.: pink tu-tu and fireman's hat over camouflage pajamas and brightly colored striped socks) Dear Alex seems to be drawn to good design - the trip to the raincoat store was her idea not mine, and it took me only a minute to figure out that's where she wanted to go. We had a slice of pizza for dinner, went food shopping, and got home in time for an easy bedtime. All the walking we did certainly tired her out. 30 seconds and done: "goodnight daddy." Goodnight Dear Alex.

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