Saturday, April 05, 2008

Greatest show on earth

Possibly, probably, If you're two-and-a-half. Dear Alex and I went to the circus today (thank you Grammy and George) and the kid was mesmerized. Fascinated. Astonished. I have absolutely no idea what she thought about what she was seeing, but she really couldn't stop looking. She danced to the music, clapped her hands at all the right places, and seemed to have a really good time. It held her attention for nearly three hours - all of the other kids in the room lost focus there for a little while, but Dear Alex kept watching, and I kept watching her - just trying to process that fascination. We were in a box, about 8 stories above the show, so it might have been a little bit like watching TV to her - that remote "it's happening over there" sense, but Dear Alex had a great experience today. She got to see live elephants (her favorite part of the show) and tigers. ("MEOWWW says the big cat" she said to me - though you really couldn't hear what they were saying from so far away) This will stick with her for a while, I think. There were a lot of acts, and some bits with a clown stealing the show, and some dance spectaculars that had Dear Alex bouncing up and down and doing her side-to-side shuffle right in time. Fun, really. This will be a tough act to follow.

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