Tuesday, July 08, 2008

B is for Beautiful

Beautiful Wife and Dear Alex on one of our previously undocumented trips to Coney Island.
Dear Alex isn't so sure about the train ride she's about to take with mommy.

Dear Alex picture from today, as she's telling me about going to Canada.

Another picture from today, just a smile for BW.

... As in Beautiful Wife and of course Dear Alex. BW is once again out shooting in Vancouver - still my favorite city, the place of that real western light and wonder that makes it feel like anything is possible, which of course, is absolutely true - anyplace. I think that Dear Alex has the key, and I'm definitely hoping to follow her lead - because in the curious and imaginative mind of a nearly-three-year-old, anything really is possible. Today she decided to ride her tricycle to Canada to see mommy, and she took her bunny friends (There's a growing collection of bunnies, and her relationships with them is kind of fascinating - but that's for another time.) along, talking to them and instructing them to "be careful" and "watch out" and "hurry up", all things we say automatically to Dear Alex a hundred times in the course of a day. It's a great and instructive thing to watch her learn and play freely without the constraints of reality, but also to see her think about things as well. Before her trip we went to the large map on the wall so that I could show her exactly where mommy was, that little dot on the upper left corner - and Dear Alex was where the little dot a little lower on the right corner is. "Okay let's go!" Fun. Silly. Beautiful. I wish that it were so easy.
I dug out a box of pictures from our time in Vancouver so that Dear Alex could see the place we were talking about, and I looked again in wonder at our selves from a time before there was even a thought of a lil'screamie. Looking back, it occurs to me that anything really is possible, that I could find such a beautiful and wonderful woman and have such a life is a testament to that.
Today, Dear Alex was a joy - sweet and funny and imaginative and all over me as it sinks in that mommy really isn't coming home tonight or tomorrow. I'll take the hugs, of course, because I miss BW and there's nothing in the world like an Alex hug. We had a perfect potty day again today (note to self - you really know you're a dad when this matters...) and a goodnight/bedtime without tears. Wow, anything really is possible.

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